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Broumovsko, a jewel of nature

A Benedictine monastery, rock massifs, beautiful countryside,
fun activities and plenty of opportunities for relaxation.
You’ll find all this and much more in Broumovsko.

The Benedictine Monastery of Broumov

Visit Broumov Monastery, which is so vast that even the Benedictine monks didn’t know exactly how many rooms there were. The monastery once hid valuable objects from the marauding Hussite troops – for example, the Kodex Gigas, better known as the Devil’s Bible.

In the monastery you can admire unique treasures such as a copy of the Turin Shroud from 1651 that was only discovered in 1999. It’s the only one of its kind in Central Europe. The vast cellars of the monastery also contain 34 mummies, originating from the crypt of the parish church of St. Prokop in Vamberk.

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