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Stylish 1920s restaurant with delicious cuisine and the most beautiful views.

Our Chefs

As the saying goes, cooking is love made visible. Our chefs - Jan Magrot and Jan Kubis – are well aware of that. They will always prepare your meals using the best, mostly regional ingredients.

Jan Magrot

He started cooking at the age of fourteen in his parents’ pub. Later, he gained experience in first class restaurants in the Czech Republic, Spain and in Great Britain, where he worked in 222 Vegie Vegan – the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the country. He also worked in Bavaria in the Kropf Restaurant awarded with a Michelin star.

Jan Kubis

He trained to be a cook in Svatý Kopeček near Olomouc where he perfected his cooking skills and met a lot of interesting people. However, he fell for the art of cooking much earlier while helping in his grandmother’s kitchen. Later, Jan worked in the centre of Olomouc in Vila Primavesi, where he learnt the perfect way of preparing fish, seafood, homemade pasta and Mediterranean cuisine. Having spent enough time in urban areas, Jan decided to head for the countryside. He worked in Jeseníky at the Rabštejn Mountain Lodge. In the end, he settled in the beautiful countryside of the Adršpach Rocks and the Broumov area. He has been working in our restaurant for several years.

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